A Silver plated Colt 1849 with a Story to Tell

11/12/2016There are times when you can look at a gun and know it has a story or two to tell. Guns that have earned their own name increase this likelihood exponentially. Take some famous examples, such as “The Hand of God” in the movie 3:10 to Yuma or Davy Crockett’s “Old Betsy.” Of course, this practice…

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New EU Directive for the Sale of Deactivated Weapons

16 Dec 2016 – Baroness Williams has confirmed on behalf of the government that the UK will implement the EU’s flawed firearm deactivation standards in spite of the Brexit vote.

via Brexit vote ignored: Govt will implement EU defective de-ac standards — UK Shooting News

ROA’s First blog post

Welcome to the first ROA Blog post.

As some of you may be aware we have been offline briefly whilst our website underwent some minor upgrades and changes. Most fundamentally, we have decided to cease the sale and delivery of all cartridge loading centre-fire obsolete calibers.

Whilst offline some Customers have contacted us with concern that we may have thrown in the towel, but we allayed their fears….. it was a short and interesting exercise.

It has to be said that we have made no secret of the fact that, over the past months, we have been contacted by the UK Law enforcement agencies asking us about individuals who may, or may not, have purchased from us. The relatively recent change to the UK law, which makes it illegal for anyone with a criminal record to own an antique firearm (even a flintlock), makes it almost impossible for dealers to avoid the ‘undesirable’ customer who, whether due to ignorance or design, finds themselves in clink on firearms possession charges. A person’s Police record is completely confidential and so, I guess, it is only a matter of time before we and other completely innocent dealers encounter such individuals. Furthermore, we must remember that the Police themselves are not beyond reproach…… remember the case of Mick Sheppard and the more recent and tragic case of Ray Mills, both victims of ‘sting’ operations.

So, yes, we were fed up with the situation and as far as the UK is concerned we were minded to close shop and go fishing, but in light of the many emails and phone calls we received from loyal customers we decided that the ‘good will’ was enough to restore our faith.

Indeed, it seems that we are not ready to jump off the cliff just yet…….